Measurement used by our group of translators is the standard page: (font: Times New Roman, size: 12, 2000 characters with space).

Our prices vary depending on: the difficulty of the text, given by the language and the field, the urgency imposed by the needs of the customer, the fidelity of the customer towards our translator office, the size of the text you want us to work on (number of pages).

Based on the criterias’ above, we are able to send you a fast estimated price offer in a maximum of 24 hours, after which the next step would be to decide on the final price and all the details by common agreement.

The prices for the interpreting services can vary according to the level of difficulty and the specialization of the language, the time allotted, also the place and the number of translators in a cabin (in case of simultaneous interpretations).

In case of translations needed to officiate newlyweds or to sign an authentic document we establish a price per hour.

At business meetings, conferences, symposiums etc. the established price is per day.

The time given for interpretation is 6 hours per day at most, for longer periods of time the amount of money charged will be 20% more than the usual price.

The time will be measured starting from the moment when the interpret is available to the client.

If the interpreter needs to leave his quarters, the client is responsible for the transport, accommodation and the meal provided to the interpreter (interpreters) in decent conditions.