We do simple and specialized translations concerning different areas of activity.

We ensure the translation of any type of document in any kind of format. As quickly as possible and with maximum accuracy, we do professional translations for people (translation of personal or official documents) and also translations for firms, institutions.In order to respond to the specific needs of our clients, we have specialized in different fields, thus accomplishing:

  • translation of documents and official papers with personal feature (diplomas, certificates, receipts, establishments)
  • technical translations
  • judicial translations
  • literary translations
  • economic translations
  • medical, pharmaceutical translations
  • financial, banking translations

If requested we can also offer the exemplified copy of your documents.

We can also assure you that your translated documents will be lectured by our experienced specialists.

In order for you to be convinced of the quality of our translation services, we can translate a part of the text in advance and send it you as a free sample of our work. So, without paying any extra money, you can test the quality of the translation and you have the opportunity to make a personal choice regarding the translator who comes up with the best style of translation, and which measures up the most to your expectations.